Race of 6th May – Villette park

The first race of the Paris City Race will take place on Saturday 6 May in Villette park.

The race :

Here are first details about the race :

  • Date : 6 May, 2017
  • Time : 2pm – 5pm
  • Location : Villette park (19th District – Paris – France)
  • Map : Villette park (2017 – Realization H. Quinquenel – Basic map A. Coniel)
  • Format : Middle distance

Course descriptions : Download here

The venue :

The Villette Park, in the 19th District of Paris, is one of the largest parks in Paris. It is located on the site of old Villette abattoirs which were built in 1867 and demolished in 1974. The architectural design of the Park was awarded to a French architect, Bernard Tschumi, following an international competition.

The Villette Park covers 55 hectares, including 33 hectares of open spaces, which makes it the largest green space in the capital. The Porte de la Villette lies to the north of the park while the Porte de Pantin lies to the south of the Park. The Ourcq canal crosses through the middle of the park and two pedestrian footbridges connect the north and south sides.

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